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CESA #11 District Testimonial

"Thank you, CESA #11, for offering the School Nurse Networking Meetings - It has been one of the most helpful tools through all of this."

- Student Health Services Coordinator

CESA #11 District Testimonial

"Thank you, CESA #11 Team, for all of the support and resources you've been providing throughout the school closure.  You were right on top of it all so quickly and have continued to provide so much help!"

- Elementary School Counselor

In compliance with Gov. Evers "Safer at Home" order,

CESA 11 will be closed to the public until further notice.

Our staff is continuing to serve our districts remotely.

Feel free to continue to contact us via phone or email.

Van Delivery is temporarily suspended and

will resume at a later date.

CESA 11 Head Start Program

CESA 11 Head Start & Early Head Start centers will be closed

following their respective school district's schedule.

Staff will be available remotely to provide resources and

support to enrolled children and families through

the statewide mandated closing.

CESA 11 Agency Updates