Social Studies

Welcome to the CESA 11 Social Studies Network page! The goal of this network is to build a collaborative community of learners that improves student outcomes in Social Studies. To achieve this goal, the network has three specific purposes:​

  1. Facilitate collaboration among subject and/or grade-level social studies teachers

  2. Support best practices in Social Studies with a focus on Disciplinary Literacy and Inquiry

  3. Promote the value of Social Studies teaching and learning

We look forward to connecting with you through our ongoing professional support for Social Studies educators!

Promoting Social Studies


Dr. Google's Knowledge Is NOT Enough!

“Dr. Google” is often considered “the background knowledge center” of the classroom, standing ready to accommodate student searches for words, concepts, ideas, and factual information.

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5 Essential Features of Knowledge-Rich Curriculum

Nearly every major educational goal—from improving reading comprehension to deepening critical thinking—is knowledge based. Without a broad, solid foundation of knowledge and vocabulary built from the first days of school, better student outcomes will not be achieved.

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The Marginalization of Social Studies

Research consistently demonstrates that social studies receives the least amount of instructional time in the elementary grades when compared to the amount of time afforded to other core content areas.

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