Rural School Teacher Talent Grant

The Rural School Teacher Talent Pilot Program was implemented by the legislature to increase the exposure that teacher candidates and student teachers have working in a rural school with the hope that more new teachers will consider working in a rural school (Wis. Stat. 115.423).

This program is facilitated by CESA 11 to coordinate practicum, student teacher, and internship placements in rural districts. These pre-service candidates may receive a stipend for working in a rural school, and student teachers are eligible to receive either a housing stipend to live in the rural district during student teaching or travel reimbursement if commuting from their campus.

To learn more about the Rural Teacher Talent Pilot Program, contact Katie Feuerhelm, CESA 11 Educational Consultant in College and Career Readiness.

For more information, contact us:

Katie Feuerhelm

Katie Feuerhelm

CESA #11 Educational Consultant