Regional Career Pathways (RCP)

Great Northwest Region Lead Partners:

Crystal Rohde - Visions Northwest

Steve Jahn - Momentum West

Melissa Rabska - NWWIB

Mari Kay-Nabozny - NWWIB

Mary Maderich - CESA 12

Sarah Nelson - CESA 12

Amanda Popovich - CESA 12

Dani Lewandowski - CESA 11

Katie Feuerhelm - CESA 11

Gwen Jenke - CESA 10

The Wisconsin Regional Career Pathways (RCP) approach is a statewide effort to deliver high-quality career pathways in high schools that reflect the needs and vision of a regional collaborative group of employers, education, and economic and workforce development.​

The regional collaboratives adopt, implement, promote, and monitor high school career pathways in high-skill, in-demand industry sectors. They act as an advisory group, on behalf of regional districts, to identify and overcome barriers that prevent students in the region from accessing the pathway. An example of such a barrier may include college curriculum that is not aligned with the career pathway.

In addition, the collaborative provides the means necessary for students to participate and complete a pathway by:

  • Taking a sequence of aligned courses,

  • Earning an industry-recognized credential,

  • Enrolling in dual college credit classes,

  • Participating in career-based and work-based learning experiences, and

  • Accessing related Career and Technical Education (CTE) student organizations

Featured Business Partners

Dani Lewandowski

Dani Lewandowski

CESA #11 Educational Consultant

Ext. 2117

Katie Feuerhelm

Katie Feuerhelm

CESA #11 Educational Consultant

Ext. 2147

Courtney Klingelhoets

Courtney Klingelhoets

CESA #11 Program Assistant

Ext. 2132