Promoting Equity for Every Student

Educational equity creates a culture of fairness and social justice for all students regarding opportunity, access, and respect for differences. The CESA #11 Promoting Equity for Every Student service engages school personnel in building cultural competency so every student has the means to achieve at high levels and is afforded an equitable educational experience. The service will assist districts in disaggregating student data to target key strategies and interventions that will increase student performance and close achievement gaps.

Strands of Support


The equity leadership strand includes support with examining, monitoring, and celebrating staff, student and community equity work. Focus will be on monitoring stakeholder engagement, ensuring deliberate awareness of whose story is being included (and how it is being included) in all education aspects, creating a system of belonging for everyone, and communicating effectively.


The equity classroom strand includes support with examining curriculum, assessment, materials and teaching strategies to provide appropriate opportunities and cultural knowledge for all students. Focus will be on assisting districts with building the capacity of teachers and support staff with the needed cultural knowledge, ensuring a safe and equitable environment, and a willingness and ability to put these into deliberate teaching and learning practices.


The equity systems strand includes support for school and district leaders in examining policies/procedures, systems of support, data collection and use for program decisions, professional learning, and necessary protocols for all district staff (leaders, specialists, teachers, paraprofessionals, office personnel, food service workers, building maintenance, transportation workers, school board members, etc.). Focus will be on conducting a district equity audit that can provide a road map for technical and adaptive systems change and sustained learning for all stakeholders.

District Benefits

Services provided to contracted districts may include:

  • Regional professional development opportunities with a focus on equity, cultural competence, and social justice.​

  • Supporting district efforts for closing achievement gaps and addressing inequity for a diverse student population: homeless, race, gender, poverty, LGTBQ, and native language.​

  • Providing support to districts in federal equity audits and analysis.​

  • Resources to support reducing bias and discrimination.​

  • Consultant support to help with emerging equity and social justice issues.

”Inclusion is a mindset. It is a way of thinking. It is not a program that we run or a classroom in our school

or a favor we do for someone. Inclusion is who we are. It is who we must strive to be.”

~Lisa Friedman; Removing the Stumbling Block

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