Target Audience:

  • Title I Reading Teachers & Interventionists

  • Reading Specialists

  • Teachers on the local 316 pathway

Welcome to CESA 11’s Title I Reading Network!  The Title I Reading Network is an opportunity for school district reading teachers and specialists to come together and support literacy growth within their individual districts and across our region.


This opportunity is extended to all reading teachers and Reading Specialists as well as teachers who are on the individual pathway to earning their Reading Teacher license (316). Our networking meetings throughout the school year will provide opportunities that are aligned with district sponsored licensing pathways.  


This network provides professional development and current practices encompassing the following areas:


  • Title I State and Federal Updates

  • Ongoing professional and collaborative learning opportunities with a focus on literacy, ELA standards, practices and models

  • Resource Sharing: Children’s, adolescent literature, and recommended professional reading

  • Literacy Coaching Corner

  • DPI Connections with ELA Consultant Laura Adams


1. To share information across the region as it relates to supporting literacy success for each student at all grade levels.

2. To provide a professional growth forum for participants to continue with their own professional development in literacy instruction and assessment.

3. To create a network of reading professionals that come together collegially to support one another in their efforts to provide guidance and resources that support literacy engagement and academic growth.


1. To work collectively to provide ongoing guidance and act as a resource for colleagues to make literacy instruction meaningful for all students.

2. To continue to pursue professional growth opportunities that will support the professional development of reading specialists, reading teachers, and other teachers in the area of literacy instruction.

3. To advocate for best practices in literacy instruction and assessment based upon reputable research and knowledge of literacy pedagogy.

Belief Statement


As trained reading professionals we believe that every student should experience the power of reading to transform their lives. 

Our mission and passion is to create readers and writers for life.

We believe in the power of guiding student choice to increase engagement, motivation and achievement.

We believe students need ample opportunity to have regular practice with whole books and develop the stamina to read them.

We believe that every student needs multiple opportunities to read independently, deeply and critically with a variety of texts.

We believe in allowing students to engage in collaborative, thoughtful, and purposeful discussions with their peers.

We believe it is our work as educators to understand the habits, interests and challenges of the individual readers who enter our classrooms and provide depth and complexity of reading that will create lifelong readers and writers.


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