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CESA #11 Shared Services

A Letter from the Administrator

Cooperative Educational Service Agencies were created by statute to perform a variety of functions that are educational in nature with a focus on staff and student learning.   CESA #11 makes it possible for schools, regardless of their size, to work together to share staff, provide professional development, save money, and extend educational opportunities to all the children and staff in our region of the state.  We offer a wide array of educational services to over 50,000 students and approximately 4,000 teachers in the thirty-nine school districts within our boundaries. The agency also offers several regional and statewide services.


CESA #11 is committed to providing these services by working together with our members in a cooperative, cost-effective manner in order to maximize our collective investment. We provide services to children, teachers, administrators, school boards, and schools in the form of both direct and indirect educational services. Direct services include providing onsite teachers, directors, therapists, etc.  Indirect services include leadership, consultation, staff development, resource materials, grant administration, and other assistance to better serve the students in your schools.


Our high-quality staff development opportunities are responsive to the needs, challenges and goals of our member districts.  We strive to provide the best research-based teaching practices, supporting leadership growth, networking opportunities, professional support, and cutting-edge technology that result in higher performing students who are college and career ready.  CESA #11 leads by providing these quality and equitable services to our community of learners through innovation, collaboration, technology, and communication.


Public education has entered an era of unprecedented initiatives, agendas and requirements by both the state and federal governments.  Accountability and teacher quality are paramount in these changes. Our goal is to lead and assist you and your staff with these growth opportunities.  By working together and by working smarter, we can all grow professionally. As the ol’ saying goes, “none of us is as smart as all of us.”


Our mission at CESA #11 is to SERVE, EDUCATE and LEAD.  Everything that we do is done to fulfill that mission.  

I thank you for your continued support and collaboration in our work.


Jerry Walters, Agency Administrator

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