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Student Digital Leadership Day - March 28, 2019

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Student Panelists Include:

We're excited to announce our first-ever Student Digital Leadership Day, an event that will kick off ongoing work in the CESA 11 region to support student digital leadership in our school districts. The event was developed through feedback and collaboration with school leaders in response to an overwhelming request for training for students and staff on digital citizenship and proactive digital leadership strategies.

Get To Know A Little More About Your Presenters...

Justin Patchin   |   @justinpatchin   |   Website 

Dr. Justin Patchin is the co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center and a professor of criminal justice at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. In 2011, he received UW-Eau Claire’s Excellence in Scholarship Award. He has spoken at the White House and the FBI Academy, and has appeared on CNN, CPR, the BBC, in the New York Times and many other national and international media to discuss issues related to teens use and misuse of technology.


Jennifer Casa-Todd   |   @JCasaTodd   |   Website 

Jennifer is a teacher-librarian in Ontario, Canada, and author of the book, Social LEADia. She has worked with K-12 teachers in practically every subject area to integrate technology in the classroom and to support literacy, assessment, and differentiation, twenty-first century competencies.  She has also written curriculum for the Ministry of Education of Ontario’s 21st Century Learning office and been the co-chair of the Parent Council for over a decade. Additionally, she has worked closely with the Bully-Free Alliance of York Region and is the lead organizer for the Digital Citizenship Summit, Canada.


Dave Eisenmann   |   @DaveEisenmann   |   Website 

Since 2006, Dave has spoken to over 65,000 students, staff, and parents in schools, churches, and businesses about cyber and internet safety issues, digital citizenship, and healthy balance and relationships with technology. He has presented at numerous local and national conferences and has been featured in various news media, including KARE 11. Dave is an assistant professor at Saint Mary's University Minneapolis and has been the Director of Instructional Technology & Media Services for Minnetonka Public Schools since 2003. Prior to that, he taught elementary and middle school for eight years.

Check Back for Event Updates!

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