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The Regional Service Network (RSN) was established in 1984 and acts as a liaison providng linked communication between the Department of Public Instruction and local education agencies (LEAs).  The purpose of the RSN is to support Wisconsin LEAs in advancing the academic achievement and social and emotional competencies of students with disabilities by:

  • Providing coordinated technical assistance that promotes continuous systems improvement;

  • fostering collaboration; and

  • developing educational leadership capacity. 

  • Support systems improvement and systems change by developing LEAs' capacity to use data for analysis and action planning so that practices are implemented effectively in order to advance educational achievemets for students with disabilities within a multi-level system of support.

  • Develop leadership capacity by providing support and training around technical and adaptive change so that LEAs know the conditions under which effective teaching and learning happen.

  • Develop collaborative relationships so that LEAs' efforts to promote academic, career, and community-based opportunities for students with disabilities are coordinated and aligned.

  • Engage in ongoing professional learning to develop and apply knowledge of grant initiatives and skills that impact adult practices to advance achievement with disabilitis.

Statewide Projects and Grants

For more information, contact us:

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CESA #11 Educational Consultant

Ext. 2103

[email protected]

CESA #11 Program Assistant

Ext. 2216

[email protected]

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