Literacy Support Service

The CESA #11 Literacy Support Service is a comprehensive project designed to improve the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills of all middle and high school  students.  The cornerstone of this service is dynamic professional development provided for grades 6-12 teachers across all literacy strands. School personnel will be provided with ongoing professional development opportunities that will support the implementation of research- and evidence-based practices in their classrooms. The Literacy Support Service will incorporate all of the elements of effective adolescent literacy instruction that create a path to improved literacy achievement for all middle and high school students .

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Advisory Members

Theresa Stanley

  CESA #11

Sheri Hagen-Salm

  Cameron School District

Tracey Fall

  Clayton School District

Jennifer Kieren and
Karen Thoen
  Ellsworth School District

Andy Flottum

  Northwest Passage

Bobbie Dunn

  Prairie Farm School District

Sara Dusek

  Prescott School District

Lisa Carlson

  Shell Lake School District

Becky Wicklund

  Siren School District

Cathie Mahlen

  Webster School District

Program resources

District Benefits

  1. Guidance and support with proven practices for literacy programming 

  2. Strategies and tools to engage adolescent learners 

  3. Facilitation of disciplinary literacy strategies 

  4. Participation in a professional network to support middle and high school educators as they work with literacy-related SLOs and building-level goals targeted for literacy improvement 

  5. Tailored ½ day professional development and/or consultation

MS/HS ELA Advisory Committee Team Meetings

The purpose of the Literacy Support Services ELA Advisory Committee will be to provide external input on the professional development plans for the 2019-20 school year. The ELA Advisory Committee will work collaboratively with the CESA #11 staff by attending both distance and in-person meetings, three times across the 2019-20 school year.

Literacy Support Services members will also enjoy unlimited access to the professional development materials housed in the new CESA #11 Literacy Library.


The Literacy Library provides shared professional resources across the literacy strands and the disciplinary literacy content areas.


Library Resources available for checkout at the Media Center.


Cameron • Clayton • Ellsworth • Northwest Passage • Prairie Farm • Prescott • Shell Lake • Siren • Webster

CESA #11 Literacy Support Services Member School Districts