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Erin B-W_edited_edited.png

Baillargeon, Erin

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2175  |  [email protected]

Science Curriculum, Healthy Safe & Respectful Schools, Trauma Sensitive Schools Coordination, EMLSS Support Team

Gretchen B-W_edited.png

Cipriano, Gretchen

Director of ISPD

Ext. 2185  |  [email protected]

Regional Program Development, Principals Network, Licensing, District Leadership Support, Educator Effectiveness, Charter & Alternative Programming

Liz C_edited.jpg

Clennon, Liz

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2122  |  [email protected]

Early Learning, Literacy, Title I

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Kate E B-W_edited.png

Euler, Kate

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2102  |  [email protected]

Title I, Literacy, English Language Arts Curriculum, Reading Specialist Network, Early Childhood Support, Motion 57/Act 20 Support

Katie F  B-W_edited.png

Feuerhelm, Katie

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2147  |  [email protected]

College and Career Readiness, Career & Technical Education, Youth Apprenticeship, Academic & Career Planning


Gordon, Michele

Program Assistant

Ext. 2126  |  [email protected]

Special Education Resource Support (SEIMC), Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training 

Kari H B-W_edited.png

Halstead, Kari

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2112  |  [email protected]

Title III/EL Leadership, Literacy Support, UDL Leadership, World Language Network, Fine Arts Network

Gradient Purple Blue
Kate H  B-W_edited.png

Hoff, Kate

Program Assistant

Ext. 2209  |  [email protected]

ISPD Administrative Support, E-rate Support, IT Network, Principals Network

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Ali B-W_edited.png

Kahl, Ali

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2103  |  [email protected]

Regional Service Network (RSN), Special Education Coaching and Consultation, Technical Assistance (TA Network for Improvement)

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Klingelhoets_Courtney _edited_edited_edited.png

Klingelhoets, Courtney

Program Assistant

Ext. 2132  |  [email protected]

Carl Perkins, Youth Apprenticeship, Regional Career Pathways

SaraKreibich1 (1).jpg
Sara K  B-W_edited.png

Kreibich, Sara

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2133  |  [email protected]

Curriculum Coordination Support, Social Studies, AP/World Language/Phy-Ed & Health Program Support, Promoting Equity Service, Initial Educators, Mentor Training, Substitute Teacher Training, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Substitute Teacher Training

Gradient Purple Blue
Dani L  B-W_edited.png

Lewandowski, Dani

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2117  |  [email protected]

College & Career Readiness, Career & Technical Education, WISE Technical Support, Carl Perkins, Academic & Career Planning

Gradient Purple Blue

Mader, Rachel

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2217  |  [email protected]

EMLSS Support Team, Healthy Safe & Respectful Schools, Literacy Support

Gradient Purple Blue
Connie M B-W _edited.png

Manske, Connie

Program Support

Ext. 2150  |  [email protected]

Distance Education Network, Technology and Library Networks, Gifted and Talented Network, SciMaTech

Gradient Purple Blue
Melissa B-W_edited.png

Moe, Melissa

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2127  |  [email protected]

ESSA Leadership, ESSER, Promoting Equity Service, CARES/CRRSA Support

Gradient Purple Blue
Paula B-W_edited.png

Moore, Paula

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2174  |  [email protected]

Math Curriculum, SciMaTech, Initial Educator Support, Gifted & Talented Network and Grant, Substitute Teacher Training

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Jennifer O B-W_edited.png

Olson, Jennifer

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2123  |  [email protected]

Technology Leadership, Distance Education Network, E-rate Services

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Janelle B-W_edited.png

Paulson, Janelle

Program Assistant

Ext. 2204  |  [email protected]

ESSA, Literacy, Educator Effectiveness, CC/DAC Networks, Title III EL Support, AP Network, Social Studies Network, World Languages Network, Early Learning Consortium, Fine Arts Network


Rasmussen, Trent

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2176  |  [email protected]

Educator Effectiveness, Curriculum & Assessment, Social Studies Network, Regional DAC Coordination, Leadership Networks, Technical Assistance (TA Network for Improvement)

Gradient Purple Blue
Casey B-W_edited.png

Roemhild, Casey

Program Assistant

Ext. 2216  |  [email protected]

Healthy Safe & Respectful Schools, Special Education, Carl Perkins, Youth Apprenticeship

Gradient Purple Blue

Rouzer, Heidi

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2140  |  [email protected]

Special Education Coaching and Consultation, Special Education Resource Support (SEIMC), Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training

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Theresa B-W_edited.png

Stanley, Theresa

Educational Consultant

Ext. 2183  |  [email protected]

Literacy, Instructional Coaching, Reading Specialist Support

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