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Grant Services

CESA #11 has experienced grant writers that assist school districts in identifying funding sources and developing and submitting grant proposals to support educational programming initiatives. Whether the grant initiatives are for a single district or in a consortium format, CESA #11 staff can work on various aspects of grant research, development and implementation.

PLANNING: CESA #11 staff work with district leaders to clarify needs, locate and facilitate the investigation of research and best practices, align available resources and assets (local, regional, state and federal), identify potential partnerships and identify a process for the completion of the application

WRITING: CESA #11 staff have expertise in the actual writing of the proposal including gathering letters of intent, formating and drafting of language for the actual document, design and communication of the evaluation components and budget preparation

IMPLEMENTATION: CESA #11 staff work with district leadership for implementation of grant activities, facilitation of strategic planning to incorporate grant applications and opportunities, internal assessment of project goals and objectives and submission of reports required of the grantors.



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