Fine Arts Education

The CESA #11 Arts Network is designed to connect and support teacher development for the teaching and learning of Visual Arts, Music, Theater, and Dance.  The network offers regular opportunities for teachers to share expertise with each other and discuss best practices in their field.  Speakers are brought in to facilitate professional learning on an ongoing basis.

Upcoming Events

October 19, 2020

Fine Arts Network Meeting

Online Meeting 3:00-4:00 p.m.

The Fine Arts Virtual Network Connection will provide educators the opportunity to collaborate with CESA #11 district peers, share resources and instructional strategies. Discussions and feedback from these live events will help the CESA #11 team to prioritize professional development needs for future events.

Facilitators: Mary Byrns and Trent Rasmussen, Educational Consultants at CESA #11

November 03, 2020

Fine Arts - Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning

Online Meeting 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.


The concepts and content of the visual arts apply to almost every area in life. As schools work creatively this school year to address curricular needs within a new context, this workshop will explore how interdisciplinarity connections can be made to the art standards. Participants will learn and work with a project based learning framework to understand how it can be used to bring art to life in any content area. Whether you are an elementary teacher wondering how art can be incorporated into your content area lessons, a secondary art teacher thinking about how to bridge your content within content area classrooms, or any teacher interested in interdisciplinary collaboration, this workshop will have practical tools, examples, and processes for you to take back into your teaching practice.

*The workshop will be open to all K-12 teachers.

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