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  • Initial visit with the district to meet key local personnel, discuss E-rate history, and collaborate on the process

  • Submission of application forms 470, 471, 472, 486, 498, and 500

  • Act as the contact for all funding requests, program integrity reviews, audits, and appeals

  • Handle routine E-rate activities such as, information updates, service substitutions, FCC appeals, requests for extensions and SPIN number changes

> CESA #11 helped districts receive reimbursements totaling more than $1,360,000

> Currently we have a combination of 39 school districts, CESAs and Head Start Centers participating in this program

CESA #11 will assist your district with everything from understanding current E-rate guidelines, to collection, preparation and submission of your E-rate application.

The focus of this service is to ensure that you are being reimbursed the maximum amount of money your district is entitled to.  The E-rate application services include:

For more information, contact us:

Jennifer O B-W_edited.png


CESA #11 Educational Consultant

Ext. 2123

[email protected]

Kate H  B-W_edited.png


CESA #11 Program Assistant

Ext. 2209

[email protected]

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