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School Children


Assessment Support: 

  • Formative and summative classroom assessment practices (Tier I Assessments)

  • Teacher feedback for student learning

  • Interim assessment of grade level and/or content benchmarks (Tier II Assessments)

  • Standards-based rubrics for assessment of student work and establishing proficiency scales

  • Standards-based grading and reporting

  • Performance based assessments applicable to any content area or grade level

  • Support in the development of assessment tools that can be used by teachers and teams to evaluate SLO- Student/School Learner Outcomes

  • Assessment Training about and for improved instructional practices that support the Wisconsin Student Assessment System (WSAS) including: ACT Suite, Dynamic Learning Maps, FORWARD and ACCESS

Curriculum and Instruction Support: 

  • Local facilitation identifying power standards and unpacking standards into learning targets. 

  • Work to align instructional practices using Next Generation Science Standards, Math, Literacy and revised WI Academic Standards

  • Facilitate development of grade level and content area curriculum documents including:

    • Curriculum maps for the entire district, for a specific grade level, or content area

    • Curriculum units of instruction that include aligned standards, essential concepts, skills, and processes

    • Creation of common local benchmark assessments

  • In-depth practices inquiry to determine root causes of student achievement gaps

  • Professional development to support best practice content area instructional strategies

CESA #11 Consultants available for
District Specific Consultation:

Erin Baillargeon
Science Curriculum

Charter & Alternative Programming

Healthy Safe & Respectful Schools

Trauma Sensitive Schools Coordination

Gretchen Cipriano

Regional Program Development

Principals Network


District Leadership Support

Educator Effectiveness

Kate Euler

Title I


English Language Arts Curriculum

Reading Specialist Network

Early Childhood Support

Katie Feuerhelm

College and Career Readiness

Career & Technical Education

Youth Apprenticeship

Academic & Career Planning

Ali Kahl

Regional Service Network (RSN)

Special Education


Special Education Resource Support (SEIMC)

Sara Kreibich

Curriculum Coordination Support

Social Studies

AP/World Language/Phy-Ed & Health Program Support

Promoting Equity Service

Initial Educators

Mentor Training

Educator Effectiveness

Substitute Teacher Training

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

Dani Lewandowski

College & Career Readiness

Career & Technical Education

WISE Technical Support

Carl Perkins

Academic & Career Planning

Sara Lindberg

Title III/EL Leadership

LMS Network

Tech Coaches

Innovative Teaching & Learning Consortium

UDL Leadership


Melissa Moe

ESSA Leadership


Promoting Equity Service


Paula Moore

Math Curriculum


Initial Educator Support

Gifted & Talented Network and Grant

Substitute Teacher Training

Trent Rasmussen

Educator Effectiveness

Curriculum & Assessment

Social Studies Network

Regional DAC Coordination

Theresa Stanley


Instructional Coaching

Reading Specialist Support

For more information, contact:

Connie E B-W_edited.png


CESA #11 ISPD Director

Ext. 2153

[email protected]

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