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Adult Education Course

The District Curriculum Coordinator serves as a leader and coordinator in the development, alignment, and implementation of the school district's instructional programs. Ongoing work with standards-based practices, College and Career Readiness, Educator Effectiveness and highly effective instructional practices has led to a growing need for district-level support in the area of curriculum and assessment leadership. Districts participating in this service hire an educational specialist through CESA 11 that would work directly with the local administrative team and be identified as the District Curriculum Coordinator.  A minimum of ten (10) days is required for this service.

CESA #11 Consultants available for District Curriculum Coordinator Services:

Trent Rasmussen  |  Sara Kreibich  |  Erin Baillargeon

District Benefits -

The District Curriculum Coordinator’s role could include the following:

● Studying, evaluating, and implementing innovative methods, including work with standards-based practices

● Providing leadership in the development, articulation, and implementation of exemplary curricular programs and local assessments

● Leadership for local implementation, alignment, and coordination of content standards, curriculum mapping, and associated resources that collect and coordinate resources

● Improving the instructional program by assisting with the evaluation of PK-12 programs, instructional strategies, and assessment practices that are grounded in grade level learning expectations for all students

● Assisting in the coordination of an effective staff development program

● Working directly with principals and administrative teams to provide information and guidance on curriculum initiatives in support of their role as instructional leaders

● In-district coordination of the use of data to support student achievement including the use of achievement data, the development of systems of intervention, and progress monitoring

● Assisting in the selection and implementation of high-quality resources aligned to standards


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CESA #11 ISPD Director

Ext. 2153

[email protected]

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