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Audiology Services

Educaitonal Audiologists provide evaluation sercices in the identification of students with a suspected hearing loss and have not been sucessfully screened, or are difficult to test under the school's hearing screening program.  


These services consist of consultation for all students with a hearing loss, assistance in monitoring appropriate use of indvidulal and classroom amplificatio units, and training for teachers and parents on the impact of hearing on learning.

Educational Audiologist

Provides the following services

  • Works with school nursing staff to coordinate yearly hearing evaluation needs and follow-up assessment for referrals from school-managed screening programs, to help identify educationally significant hearing losses

  • Consults with teachers, parents and staff to discuss listening accommodations for hearing impaired students

  • Shares information with school personnel from outside agencies, such as the clinical audiologist, physician or speech and hearing centers

  • Provides information about the impact of hearing loss on classroom learning to teachers and support staff.

  • Evaluates the classroom/environment for noise issues

  • Conducts comprehensive hearing evaluations in the school setting

  • Provides management for hearing aid and classroom amplification technologies

  • Assist the educational team in program placement decisions

  • provides referrals to medical and community-based audiology services

  • Participates in multidisciplinary team meetings and the decision making process

  • Counsels families and students about the effects of hearing loss, both within and outside of the classroom environment.

  • Provides training to staff regarding classroom amplification benefits and use, strategees for classroom accommodations, and more

  • Educates students about hearing loss, amplification technology, and noise pollution.

  • Supports special education teachers and teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing

  • Advocates for the classroom listening needs for all students

  • Supports area school districts by meeting the federally mandated requirements of IDEA legislation for services delivery to students experiencing hearing loss.

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