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Regional Service Network

The mission of the Wisconsin RSN is to improve the quality of educational services to students with disabilities.  The RSN has identified communication, staff development, and leadership as strategies for accomplishing the mission. The RSN also provides technical assistance to local special education leadership personnel by phone calls, district visits, information dissemination, discussions at CESA/RSN meetings, referral to information sources, and research on specific local issues/concerns as requested.

RSN is guided by a set of actions reflecting both administrative and professional development activities. The State Performance Plan-20 indicators (SPP) influence the RSN responsibilities at both the state and local levels. Through the RSN project, professional development opportunities are coordinated and provided throughout the year, which are aimed at meeting the needs of all educators who serve students with disabilities. These professional development opportunities offer a wide range of special education issues and instructional innovations. The offerings are selected in response to state initiatives and input received from CESA #11 area school districts.

RSN Project goals for 2014-2015 are:

  • Advancing Educational Achievement:  Improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities by coordinating technical assistance and support to high-need LEAs through collaboration with discretionary grant staff.
  • Communication and Leadership:  Build Special Education leadership capacity to ensure that Special Education Directors in LEAs have the knowledge and skills to ensure compliance with IDEA and promote best practices for students with disabilities in their agencies.
The role of the RSN has been re-envisioned such that RSN Directors will become leaders in a coordinated effort to drive growth in academic and career achievement for students with disabilities.  In 2014-2015 school year, RSN Directors will continue to help lead the effort to reach out to the highest-need districts within their CESA and coordinate grant efforts in a comprehensive system of support for these districts.

Contact Info:

CESA #11
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Turtle Lake, WI 54889
(715) 986-2020

Director of ISPD
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CESA 11 RSN Director
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Support Staff
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